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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible vehicles will be provided upon request Within 48 Hours
Atwell Limo Call us at 214 529 1353

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Zero Tolerance Intoxicating Substance Policy

Atwell Limo has instituted a strict Zero Tolerance Intoxicating Substance Policy to protect public safety. Our drivers are strictly banned from using intoxicating substances while providing transportation services.

A violation of our Zero Tolerance Intoxicating Substance Policy will result in an immediate suspension followed by an internal investigation. If the internal investigation yields a violation of the Zero Tolerance Policy the driver will be immediately and permanently banned from driving for Atwell Limo

Atwell Limo

If you reasonably suspect the driver is/was under the influence of drugs or alcohol,

please STOP THE VEHICLE IMMEDIATELY and report the incident

For any complaints please call city of Dallas By dialing 3-1-1 to report any complaints Clients may have.